Scope of Services

Within the construction industry Quantity Surveyors are recognised as the financial managers of the construction process and play a critical role in ensuring the financial success of building projects. They act in liaison with architects, consulting engineers and contractors to safeguard the client’s interest as independent experts who are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism towards all parties involved.

Key reasons to engage a Quantity Surveyor include the following:

  • To establish an initial construction budget at an early stage of the development project.
  • To monitor costs during the design, development and construction stages and take action to keep costs under control.
  • To ensure that fully detailed tender documentation are prepared to minimise risks to the Employer from variations and contractual claims.
  • To ensure tenders are obtained under the optimum conditions of competition.
  • The use of a Quantity Surveyor provides contractors the assurance that cost management will be carried out in an equitable manner allowing contractors to be more competitive.

The services provided by GES Solutions fall under the following headings all of which are encompassed under the umbrella of quantity surveying.

Cost Planning + Budgets

Effective cost planning is essential for providing financial certainty for the Client. GES works with our Clients and their design teams to understand the objectives and aspirations and to ensure that they obtain the most cost-effective solutions for their needs and budget.

We prepare an initial budget cost that is established by reference to current market pricing and our cost data from previous projects where applicable. Initially the Quantity Surveyor quantifies the detail in the design that is available but also interprets what will be included in the design at a later stage. Our experience with the design process and experience on over 200 projects allows us to better estimate the costs of the project well before the details are provided. Budget reviews normally occur at predetermined stages in the design process and are intended to ensure the design remains on budget and minimise any surprises when the design is completed and the project tendered.

An important element of our services is to work with the Client and the design team in looking for ways to simplify details, revise materials and other potential savings to reduce costs whilst being sympathetic to the design intent and the end product. This process is commonly called Value Engineering and involves representatives from the entire design team and with alternatives evaluated from functional, cost (capital and life cycle), planning, design, and sustainability perspectives.

The project cashflow can often be essential for the financial success of a project because it provides an analysis of not only the bottom line, but what needs to be paid when compared to the availability of funds or financing if applicable. The cashflow needs to consider not only the planned construction programme and the budget but also the specifics of the anticipated contractual agreements with reference to advance payments, deposits, material payment retentions etc.