Scope of Services

Within the construction industry Quantity Surveyors are recognised as the financial managers of the construction process and play a critical role in ensuring the financial success of building projects. They act in liaison with architects, consulting engineers and contractors to safeguard the client’s interest as independent experts who are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism towards all parties involved.

Key reasons to engage a Quantity Surveyor include the following:

  • To establish an initial construction budget at an early stage of the development project.
  • To monitor costs during the design, development and construction stages and take action to keep costs under control.
  • To ensure that fully detailed tender documentation are prepared to minimise risks to the Employer from variations and contractual claims.
  • To ensure tenders are obtained under the optimum conditions of competition.
  • The use of a Quantity Surveyor provides contractors the assurance that cost management will be carried out in an equitable manner allowing contractors to be more competitive.

The services provided by GES Solutions fall under the following headings all of which are encompassed under the umbrella of quantity surveying.


  • GES helps to guide their Clients through the various options that exist for construction project procurement to develop a strategy based on the client’s needs. This strategy can cover the following main headings:
    • Alternative Procurement Types – Traditional, Design and Build, Construction Management etc.
    • Method of tendering – competitive, two stage and negotiated.
    • Form of Contract – Lump sum, remeasured, cost reimbursable etc.
    • Work Packages – what separate packages (if any) will the works be broken down into for tendering and what contractual arrangements will be used (Nominated Sub-Contractors (NSC’s), Employer’s Direct Contractors) for the separate packages.